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        Groundsman Industries


        ...the ultimate ground working machines

        Groundsman Industries Ltd was established in 1990 specifically to design and manufacture Turf Maintenance Machinery specialising in Turf Cutters, Sod Cutters and Turf Aerators.

        Turf maintenance

        Based in Ballymoney, Northern Ireland they currently offer a range of Pedestrian and Tractor mounting machines for Turf Aeration, Turf / Sod Cutting Aeration Soil and Core Collection, and Irrigation Pipe or Cable Insertion.

        We ship to the UK, Ireland, Europe, America, Asia, in fact we ship our products globally.

        What we do

        Design and manufacture products and accessories that keep up with the demands of professional users specialising in Turf Sod Cutters and Turf Aerators.

        The thought process behind every Groundsman product or accessory begins and ends on the ground with the customer. The need is quantified and the parameters are set by putting the design engineer in direct communication on a regular basis with the people on the ground who are using the equipment ie: Greenkeepers, Groundsmen, Landscapers, Contractors, Hire-Shops etc, these lines of communication and site visits are ongoing whether for new product development or existing product improvement. The finished products and accessories end up on the ground being used by the same people who helped design them.

        Landscape Gardener

        Sod Cutters, Turf Cutters, Turf Aerators plus more..

        Why Groundsman?

        Groundsman manufactured products are the result of years of research and development in direct communication with end users. This R&D is on-going which means our products are right up to date with todays ever demanding requirements.

        All the products manufactured by Groundsman Industries have been developed within the company and because of this special relationship with our products and end users, after sales service is first class.

        Bowling green maintenance

        We are proud of our products and are continually updating our website with news items, product information, videos etc so please keep up to date by logging on and send us your comments or requirements by sending the enquiry request from the site or by emails or phone call, we look forward to hearing from you.

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